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About the Safe Home Program

hurricane-2The South Carolina Safe Home program, administered by the South Carolina Department of Insurance, provides grant money to individual homeowners to make their property more resistant to hurricane and high-wind damage. The funds provided by this program are for the sole purpose of retrofitting owner-occupied, single-family homes. SC Safe Home funds may not to be used for remodeling, home repair, or new construction.

Retrofitted or strengthened homes are less vulnerable to the effects of severe wind storms, thereby rendering hurricane and high-wind damage less likely and less intense. Fewer damages result in lower or fewer insurance claims and will ultimately reduce insurance premiums for all South Carolinians.

Atlantic Contracting Services is a South Carolina Safe Home Contractor

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Our Safe Home Wind Inspections may recommend improvements may include:

  • Roof deck attachment
    When upgrading the roof covering, we recommend re-nailing the roof deck, at minimum, 6” on center throughout with 8d ring-shank nails. The nails should be corrosion resistant regardless of the location of the structure. Depending on the structures proximity to the coast stainless steel nails should be used. Also an approved adhesive can be recommended for uplift resistance.
  • Secondary water barrier
    When retrofitting the roof, we recommend using an approved taping method, a tape acceptable as a secondary water barrier should be no less than 4” wide, or self-adhering underlayment as a secondary water barrier. Otherwise, an approved spray on foam can suffice as a secondary water barrier.
  • Roof covering
    Old roof covering materials must be removed and replaced with shingles meeting the necessary wind speed of the county in which the structure is located. A metal roof covering may be installed during a roof retrofit so long as the necessary installation requirements are met.
  • Brace gable ends
    Prevent failure of the gable end truss and gable end wall.
  • Windows
    All windows that are not impact rated (to include the replacement windows that meet the local building code) must be shuttered or protected using products which meet ASTM E 1886, ASTM E 1996 approval.
  • Reinforce roof-to-wall connections
    Use hurricane strapping to mechanically fasten rafters and trusses to walls.
  • Reinforce wall-to-foundation connections
    Use approved methods to mechanically strengthen the wall to foundation connection.
  • Opening protection
  • Exterior doors, including garage doors
    All exterior doors that require replacement must be replaced using doors which meet the local building code and are protected using an approved shutter or fabric system. Impact rated exterior doors meeting ASTM E 1886, ASTM E 1996 standards do not have to be protected using a shutter or fabric system.
  • Tie downs
  • Problems associated with weakened trusses, studs and other structural components
  • Repair or replacement of manufactured homes piers, anchors and tie-down straps


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